Erb Maison Sea Bliss Fleurfume Aromatic Candle 280 g


Erb Maison Sea Bliss Fleurfume Aromatic Candle 280 g

Key Ingredients
Pine / Sage / Peppermint Oil

Embrance the luxury of having seaside beside you at any moment with Erb’s heavenly Sea Bliss. The scent of a fresh breeze infused with the ocean’s surf, with the whisper of pine trees dotting the landscape, all flow throughout your home to bring the sweet bliss of nature to you.

Light candle for 1-2 hours and then extinguish to enjoy 5-6 additional hours of lasting fragrance. Recommended to be used in the bedoom, bathroom, small living room, or other areas that are 20-25 sqm. For larger rooms, light two candles.

User guidelines:
*Do not light candles beneath air-conditioners, as air-conditioners will filter away the fragrance.
*Always close lid after use to preserve fragrance.
* Keep the candle wick trimmed to about 5 mm to maintain an appealing appearance and eliminate smoke.

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