Erb Maison Masculine Fleurfume Aromatic Candle 280 g


Erb Maison Masculine Fleurfume Aromatic Candle 280 g

Key Ingredients
Aldehyde / Vanilla / Sandalwood

Conquering scents of Aldehyde, Vanilla and Sandalwood; Masculine grants a sense of greatness and vastness. A successful man who portrays the life of calmness folding beneath the skies and stars in the ever furthering landscape.

Light candle for 1-2 hours and then extinguish to enjoy 5-6 additional hours of lasting fragrance. Recommended to be used in the bedoom, bathroom, small living room, or other areas that are 20-25 sqm. For larger rooms, light two candles.

User guidelines:
*Do not light candles beneath air-conditioners, as air-conditioners will filter away the fragrance.
*Always close lid after use to preserve fragrance.
*Keep the candle wick trimmed to about 5 mm to maintain an appealing appearance and eliminate smoke.

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